History of the ski resort

In 1973, Armand (a former agricultural machine salesman native of the region) bought the Teleskis of the Hautes-Navières and founded the VALTIN LOISIRS group which today comprises the Vétiné hotel and ski resort.

In 1987, a new big ski-lift was installed to make it possible to take more people up to the top of the stations's 3 ski slopes.

In 1984, the hotel was built  by Armand, but was to be run by Joël and Marie-Paule (Armand's daughter), on the site of an old ski-lift that had been taken down and replaced by a smaller one on the other side of the station.

The ski lifts where used in this way by all until 2006 when a "fil neige" (a small cord ski-lift) was installed at the bottom of the slopes to make it easier for yound beginners to learn to ski.

However i was in 2007 that the most important changes were made, this time to the hotel. Six new rooms were added (2 of them adapted for handicapped visitors), a lift, a new kitchen and a new bar opening onto and outside terrace were installed and the addition of a Spa and Sauna completed the changes. In 2008, a hairdressing salon was installed.

After working together for several years, Joël and Marie-Paule handed over the management to their son Sébastien who, with his wife Alexandra and their 3 children, now welcomes you in the pure traditional style typical of the inhabitants of the Vosges.